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Film & TV Production Company
65.015672° N 25.578474° E
-Oulu, Finland-


Evilside - Korvessa Kulkevi

Format: 6 x 45'

Status: Released in Finland 1.12.2023

Commissioned by Elisa Viihde

International distributor: Skoop Media

Co-producer: Handmade Films in Norwegian Woods

Evilside in IMDb


Roi - Susikoira Roi

Format: Feature film

Status: Premiere 24.12. 2022

Commissioned by Cmore / MTV3

International distributor: Skoop Media

Co-producer: Lucy Loves Drama


Watch the trailer of the film

Roi in IMDb

C More


Critical Point - Kriittinen piste

Format: 3 x 50'

Status: In post production 

Commissioned by YLE

Critical point on IMDb

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Two Peas In a Pod -

Samasta puusta

Format: Feature documentary

Status: In production for YLE

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Whatevergroup Team


Antti Kaarlela

  • LinkedIn

CEO, Producer

+358 40 518  5146


Aleksi Puranen

  • LinkedIn

Writer, Producer

+358 40 096 5663

Whatevergroup is a proud member of APFI 


Antti Kairakari

Writer, Producer

+358 40 562 4431


Pia Ervasti

Line Producer

+358 44 766 2585


Naida Valencia

Marketing Manager

+358 50 300 9116

Whatevergroup Office is located at

Hiukanpiha 13

90650 Oulu


Fluid, mysterious, compassionate and mighty - the identifiers of our core individuality. We strive for quality within any given parameters. We believe in what we bring to the table. We are the sum of our intentions and the product of our sacrifices. 


Our company was established in 2011 and is owned by writer producers Antti Kaarlela, Antti Kairakari and Aleksi Puranen. Our current and future slates, from TV series, to film, to documentaries - is thickly lined with boldness of spirit. Positioned at the edges of the Northern Finnish city of Oulu, our singular insight stems from the peculiarity of our surroundings and the isolation of our setting. 


Business is business, yet art is life - so where does that leave most of us within the maze of this vociferous industry? We enjoy the challenge of finding the balance within these two elemental paths - creating a third realm of neither extreme. The atmosphere on our sets, the people we chose to work with, reflect this vision of balance. We adhere to a system of trust and fervent diligence to get the story and its world moving forward. Our aim is to beguile the guile of humanity and spotlight stories that have yet to be heard.

We dare to do things boldly, we hope you feel the same.

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