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Film & TV Production Company
65.015672° N 25.578474° E
-Oulu, Finland-


Evilside - Korvessa Kulkevi

Format: 6 x 45'

Status: In production

Commissioned by Elisa Viihde

International distributor: Dutch Features

Co-producer: Handmade Films in Norwegian Woods

Evilside in IMDb


Roi - Susikoira Roi

Format: Feature film

Status: Premiere 24.12. 2022

Commissioned by Cmore / MTV3

International distributor: not attached

Co-producer: Lucy Loves Drama


Watch the trailer of the film

Roi in IMDb

C More

sukset ristissä_ilman_logoa.jpg

Critical Point - Kriittinen piste

Format: 3 x 50'

Status: In development for YLE

ROI tassu.png

Two Peas In a Pod -

Samasta puusta

Format: Feature documentary

Status: In production for YLE

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Whatevergroup Team


Antti Kaarlela

  • LinkedIn

CEO, Producer

+358 40 518  5146

20211111 - Korvessa kulkevi - promo  - JPM -0401_edited.jpg

Aleksi Puranen

  • LinkedIn

Writer, Producer

+358 40 096 5663

20211111 - Korvessa kulkevi - promo  - JPM -1087.jpg

Antti Kairakari

Writer, Producer

+358 40 562 4431


Pia Ervasti

Line Producer

+358 44 766 2585

WhatsApp Image 2022-07-30 at 10.40.04.jpeg

Naida Valencia

Marketing Manager

+358 50 300 9116

Whatevergroup Office is located at

Hiukanpiha 13

90650 Oulu

Strategic Storytellers

It was back in 2011 that Antti Kaarlela and Antti Kairakari met each other at a cafe at a local cultural centre in the Northern Finnish town on Oulu. A lazy morning and two burning minds ready to conquer the world with art. There was just one but, the lack of money to support the the artistic endeavours of the two. They were at the crossroads. Two options. Get a real job or... And both of them said Arte o muerte.

And that was the beginning of Whatevergroup – a company for making their art their business.


Whatevergroup is a TV and Film production company based in Oulu, Finland. Established in 2011, the company is owned by three writing producers Antti Kaarlela, Antti Kairakari and Aleksi Puranen. Whatevergroup works on productions on a wide slate ranging from  quality scripted features and TV series to high class documentaries.


Whatevergroup's unique crew of business-minded and artistically accomplished producers is a great combination of talent and insight on both sides of the entertainment industry – the business and the arts. Whatevergroup brings to life bold narratives that enthrall and draw in audiences. Coming from the unbeaten paths of the small Northern Finnish town of Oulu, Whatevergroup's content development team looks at the world from a different angle.

Whatevegroup builds strong and interesting narratives for TV and Film with a viewpoint that is innately different from those hailing from the busy metropolitan areas of Europe, Scandinavia or the Americas.


Whatevergroup is a production company owned and operated by the creatives. We have been working with a number of Features as a production service partner. Currently we work on our own original productions that have been commissioned by for example YLE and Elisa Viihde Viaplay.


Our partners have all worked in the entertainment industry for over 20 years and have extensive knowledge and connections within the industry. We dare say that we are good at what we do – in making original TV and Film that resonates with the viewers: provokes emotions, raises questions and enthralls.


Whatevergroup – bold stories for those who dare.

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