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Welcome to the Great Wide (and cold) North!

Scandinavia is safe, clean and accessible. Our crews can work in english speaking environment and are used to it. All three countries; Finland, Norway and Sweden have "Freedom to Roam" laws, which grants easy access to variety and vast selection of different locations. Scandinavian culture has high work ethics and we'll-do-this attitude. We care for our nature and will work to protect it. Our crew knows the climate and the culture and can work anywhere, anytime.​

There are different financing opportunities, tax rebates and production support depending on the selected location.

Please contact us to know more: +358405624431

A production service film crew working in Northern Finland

A filming location at Bothnian Bay. 50 cm of steel ice on the sea is safe to work on and is inspected by professionals so crew can focus on filming on the desert we call "Ice".

How to reach us


Los Angeles - Helsinki 10h 35min (3 direct flights per week)

London - Helsinki 2h 55min (+5 flights per day)

Munchen - Oulu 3h 5min (2 direct flights per week)

Oulu Helsinki.png

Helsinki - Oulu 50min (+5 flights a day)

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